Airbus A380

Designed in close collaboration with major airlines, airports and airworthiness authorities, the 555-seat A380 is the most advanced, spacious and efficient airliner ever conceived. Launched in December 2000, the A380 will enter airline passenger service in 2006.

Anyone into aircraft design? What do you’ll think bout the A380?

Apparently it was designed in collabration with 60 major airports of the world. Singapore Airlines (SIA) will be the worlds first airline to operate the A380. SIA placed the order for the 25 A380 aircraft, worth US$8.6 billion including the cost of spares and installed engines, in 2000.
Airports from Washington’s Dulles to Singapore’s Changi are spending millions of dollars to strengthen taxiways and build double-decker jet bridges for quick boarding to avoid cramped terminals.
Airbus will be revealing to the public the first A380 in Toulouse, France on 18 January 2005.

Now that is some kinda plane with wings nearly the length of a football field, it is 50 feet longer than any plane in the sky today and nose to tail, its the size of two blue whales.

Does anyone has the interior illustration of the plane?

I really hope that they will allocate a common space where people can just hangout and stretch their legs. However with the current security situation, especially with US airlines, I don’t think it’s possible. I will be a waste if they just cramp the entire plane with seats.

I think you’d like to check this out.

I found myself gaping at the interior of the first class for a few minutes.

Having spent a bizarre amount of my life flying in planes, I am half excited and half dreading this plane.

Can you imagine the gate areas in airports waiting with 550 fellow passengers. Most airports I fly in/out of can barely handle a 747 with 400 people!!

There will probably NOT be a common area to walk around in because that would elimate some potential revenue seats!

With 550 people getting off the plane at one time there will ALWAYS be a long line going through customs (these will primarily be used for transcontinetal flights).

Let’s hope someone has studied the ratio of bathrooms to passengers, because they got it wrong on the 747 (in economy).

I’m sure the plane will be beautiful, but the additional size will change the dynamics of getting on and off.

Just my two cents…

Personally, I prefer a long flight but with short layovers in between. For example, instead of flying a 13hr straight flight from northamerica to Asia, I prefer an hr of stop at Alaska just to get some fresh air and stretch the legs.

This will definitely mean more cost for the airlines, however, most US airlines suck. Poor interior and services and they aren’t cheap either. I think instead of the government protecting these jokers, they should allow more competition to force some improvements.