Air Jordan XX3 speculation...

What are you guys expecting with this shoe?

I can’t wait for it.

Yo, can you shed any light at all? Thanks…

Considered ?

Well, I’m not supposed to say anything, but since you asked nice I can tell you this:

The theme, that is the visual elements influencing the design, will be the french horn, cyclops, and Snuggle fabric softener.
You know, due to MJ’s love of chamber music, the 7th Voyage of Sinbad, and that cute little talking bear.

Actually, that might be a pretty cool shoe.

I don’t think Yo can help us on this. He’s at Converse now.

haha. too funny. props for anyone willing to thrown down a concept based on all that :slight_smile:


From what i heard… that tinker was working on the transformer movie doing some designs and wanted to to combine something that could transformer MJ as a whole. Its going to be crazy. LOL All i know is that this show is protected by 4 CIA agents, 2 ninjas and tinker himself. Those who wait shall get what they want.

I don’t think Yo can help us on this. He’s at Converse now.

Say word?! Say it aint so Yo…

I guess that xx3 might be the last shoe for the whole jordan series. If so buy it no doubt.

Well, here is some updated info on the shoe.


Sorry guys, I let this go on long enough. All images on this topic are confidential to Nike and so won’t be on this board… and yes, I’ve seen it of course.

If you wish to talk abut this I recommend another board like NT or KG.

Thank you for your understanding.