Air Jordan XX3! Pics of 2 colorways

What do you guys think? It will be interesting to hear the tech behind these - word is they use “considered” construction with little or no glue…

The XX3 caught me by surprise. It’s much more simple and elegant in appearance than I expected, and I like that aspect more each time I look at it. I like the goodies in the detailing. I always try to keep an open mind and not to have any expectations as we prepare for the annual Air Jordan photo leak. But still, with Tinker stepping in for this design, I guess I sort of expected a more dramatic change of course from the last two AJs, both of which appear relatively understated at a distance, but reveal lots of story when studied from up close. The XX3 continues this pattern. And I like it.

Can’t wait to learn more about it… especially the sustainability part.

These are actually an undeveloped sample.

The XXIII’s have Michael’s signature embossed along the toe. The ankle collar is also much more visually substantial.

The stitched upper forms an argyle pattern, not Jordan’s signature. It looks much more fashionable, and a bit more dapper. Personally, I felt as if the signature contrived and beittled the overall intriguing silhouette of the shoe. I’m especially interested to hear what that heel flap is supposed to do.