These are my fist initial concepts for the ipod-nano/ basketball shoe. wanted to share what I did today.

I am looking at the ipod as an icon. its minimal in its forms. you navigate using a spin wheel with no words other than menu. so i looked at the icons on the wheel an began to see how they could be used to form a design and also using the words behind the symbol to mean something more. The icons I chose to represent in the shoe was the Fast Foward icon. I think this made sense for basketball in many ways.

while you are playing your music on the ipod it says “Now Playing” and I thought this also made sense for baskteball and holds power behind just those two words.

more details in the inspirations and usage is in the descriptions with the drawings.

will have more sketches up soon.

thanks for any comments-suggestions


got rid of the inspiration for ipod. and started to think of Mj memories. I used to video record his games and then replay then hundreds of times wit my lil brother an then go out an play one an one all night. and I thought this is something special in MJ an never really shown in his shoes…was being inspired by how we recorded the amazing things he did. so i am begining to look into finding pics of my vcr that I used to have…an some video tapes…an have begun a couple thumbs with this new idea…will have more coming…

not to satisfied with how these came out. I think just need to let the idea develop further…


No man, para que lo voy a poner en las zapatillas si lo puedo poner en la en la remera o en el pantalon, aparte habria que agacharse para activarlo.
Si queres hacer una zapatilla nueva, hacéla pero no le agregues un iPod para que parezca innovativo

to the spanish speaker…i might be wrong but i don’t think mark wanted the ipod or vcr to be inside the shoe…from what i understand he just got his ispiration from them.

mark: i prefer your second set of sketches as i think the first set looked a bit forced, as if you wanted to get some idea out of your head and you pulled it out instead of it coming out on it’s own…that’s my impression anyway.

i like the lines in the second set as they are more flowy and the uppers seem more balanced.

to translate for those non-spanish speakers:

“no man, why am i going to put it in the shoe if i can put it in a shirt or a pant, and also you have to hook it somewehre to activate it. If you want to make a new shoe, do it, but no not add an Ipod to make it look innovative”


I am not putting the ipod in the shoe or with the shoe to make it innovative. an have actually now completely dropped the ipod as a part of my inspirations. thanks for the comments.


I agree and think the uppers have a more balanced rhythm. working on detailing and exploring more.


more thumbs scanned in:


your a machine, that second set of sketches has a lot of great ideas in it. I can’t wait to see what you develop. I’m going to reserve my comments since I’m a little close to the Jordan Brand (you might say) and because I want to see what you decide to refine based on your perspective.

yo- still exploring. want to come of with something new for the XXIII.

have more sketches but have to run to work here is what I could scan in…

took what skecthes I posted last and with the upper took alot of the diagonal lines and made the corners less sharp and gave the shoe more of a fast flow to it…


SWEET!!! i do not really have any criticisms, very good stuff dv

thanks bro-

i was trying to pull that ipod-inspiration in there to try an get something in for that KG contest this month but just wasnt feel’n it.


Sweet not bad. I love it. Im not gonna lie the iPod inspiration is hard to infuse well at least for me. I keep taking the inspiration literally so what I end up is kind of corny. Good job tho and keep it up.

Nice sketches Mark… Yeah man you are definitely a machine… dang dood how do you find time to do all those sketches? Nice work as always bro…cant wait to see final product.


archeever- I am sure you can pull the ipod inspiration off. and I think that its good you are cathcing the literal translations into your design.

Rich- haha machine, I wish. only thing is there is not enough hours in the day. was talking about this with a friend of mine the other day. Esp. when you are sketching time goes even faster…sometimes when stuck…doesnt go much at all. I find time to do them after work or after dinner. Because I cant do these types of works at my Job its more casual sport. cloest thing to sport, so this gives me an outlet. But for me best time to sketch is 2-4am- everyone is asleep- just put my music on an run some clock., also many of these sketches at largest are 2inches wide, so you can do many of them because they arent so large.

final product should be coming in next week. maybe sooner. but gathering images an setting up a layout for the story behind the shoe. the actual final designs wont post until the story is shown along with it.

thanks for all the comments. I kno I am not putting numbers on them…so making it a issue to make comments about an exact sketch…but once they become more final will bring in the numbers.



couple more thumbs scanned in…

Mark, the stuff you are putting together is really amazing!

I like the sketching process and can’t wait to see the final development/s.
My fav are those right below the videorecorder inspiration with the diagonal cuts in the midsole.

My only critic is the top view shape which is symmetrical, while real feet medial and lateral sides are totally different, check the pick below taken from NikeId (Zoom flight five model):

It’s just a little detail, but since all the rest is very good, fix this one too and you will be perfect!!!


MC [Pietro]

PS: I was also a fan of your Air Max concept which is very tough too!!!

great job. one thing though is i made a shoe called the air zoom fast-forward, for the ipod theme as well, you killed it! I guess i’ll have to think of another name, lol

really-same name…crazy

I have changed the story behind the shoe- has nothing to do with ipod or “fastforward”…its all yours bro.

Bring’n it back to life…good luck with your entry. should be an exciting competition. gonna be watch’n from the side lines…


that’s a relief… thanx

just wondering if u know or anyone else knows if you have to get permission from nike to use there logos on a design


for your personal use (portfolio/ sketches/ competitions like KicksGuide) I am sure you are fine. I think you only get into trouble is when you start putting Nike on your designs and then selling them and making a profit.

Yo- would know more about the legal mumbo jumbo’ at nike

I wouldn’t worry about it.


alright thanx…