Air Jordan 5.5...More

Air Jordan 5.5…
Finally got a scanner, (some of yall know what I mean) but this is all I have. All my recent stuff back at school so this is what was lying around. Its dated to 10.11.04 so its pretty old but I wanted to get something up…


Here’s something from a kobe shoe I did

Air Jordan

Yo luving the design…Sketches are tight and speak well for your prosses. the final rendering is nice for a quick color view. Would like to see it push more on details. Maybe photshop or markers…which ever you are best at. But good start and portions look about right. And another thing just to be a picky person on design cuz we all get it, the layout of your prosses anf final. member that you are telling the story from start to finash and you want each page to be like WHOA so that when it gets to the fianl people will be like OK It all comes togehter. you want people to have that image in their head when they click away from your work. hope the feedback helps.


some interesting thumbnails. I esp think the lower right one you circled is working. What is interesting about this project is that since it was done before the 5.5. came out, you can see that the general theme is pretty similar. I like some of the ideas you had, like the flame detail on the heel instead of the toe, and what looks like an encapsulated mono-shox or pillar type cushion. I think if you tightened down the final sketch, it would be a good little project. Post some of your new stuff when you get a minute!!!

I like some of the ideas you had, like the flame detail on the heel instead of the toe

Even more so the translucent rubber at the f/f is shaped like a “5” and the heel more of an exaggerated “1.” For 15.

Nice sketches, first of all. To tell you the tuth, I like your 5.5 better then the one available in stores, named Carmelo 5.5. Secound, the Kobe looks kinda wierd, it looks like it’s rinkled… The Other Jordan is Hot. Is it planned to be the 21, cause I saw that number on it somewhere. We all know he 21 came out and it aint exactly like that, although the 21 PE, which is coming out this fall, looks a lot like your Aj. If you don’t know which one I’m talking about hook me up for some pics.