Air car

Very cool invention. Zero polution and just compressed air. Only need a compressor to fill the tanks.

what powers the compressor??? oh yea a electic motor…and if the power dont come from hydro its still pumping out polution.

I thought this was a good idea for a couple reasons:

  1. We are going to move to more and more locally generated electricity by solar/wind/tidal/ocean/hydro/other means.

  2. The downside of local electric is that we will have to save the electricity locally as well. Compressed air is a great means because all of the technology is well known and tested. Hydrogen fuel cells are a possible alternative, but the technology is still decades from usable. Compressed air is ready today.

My only question is why the guy isn’t using a more efficient engine. Let’s say a 2 stroke or wankel. They could probably reduce the weight further while utilizing a greater amount of energy in the air.

Designwise: Those are some ugly cars. What’s up with the steering wheel. UGLY

Here we go again…

rotary air motors are less efficient than piston, think steam as a mental analog. All steam and “air” motors are 2 “stroke” in fact many are double acting where pressure is applied to both sides of the piston. Steam turbines are great in steady state applications but not in vechiles.

I didn’t know that about rotaries & air power. I’ve never looked into it.

I didn’t think enough about this before I wrote. duh, it would be a 2 stroke.

if its a double acting system its a 1 stroke…

I’ve read about the double acting system with regards to combustion engines. Interesting stuff that was way above my head to understand. It would seem to make perfect sense for an air engine though.

now warp this around your head, a 2 cycl stanly steamer motor had the same numer of power pulses per crank rotation as a v8…so a 4 cyc double acting stanly= a v16. The real wierd ness comes in when you have high and low pressure pistons, first ones use 500 psi, the exaust from them drive a set of pistons (twice the size) at 200 psi…ahhh 1800’s tech, pre cad, pre computer…aint it grand

I’ve been considering buying a small displacement motorcycle engine in order to disassemble it and recreate it in a solid modeler just to better understand how the mechanical bits operate. That Stanley steamer engine is one reason why. Just fascinating.

Have you read LJK Setright’s “Some Unusual Engines”? Very interesting stuff. Let me know if you know any engine related books that might interest me.

why model it, go to a hoby shop and buy the “visiable engine” modle and put the mother togeather. Some rotery were piston btw, google ww1 lerone for a some info on it, there are piston, vane, wankel, and turbine and how the bits are aranged are just engineering and production decesions. 3 pistions btw not 4 natualy balance, so thats why there were tripple motorcycles for a while, and 6’s and 12’s run so smooth. There is alwasy a battle between complexity, internal friction, cost and size on the number of pistions you want flopping around to do a job…ghod i love engineering.

I wanted to solid model the engine in a computer because I would have to measure everything precisely and analyze how the pieces were made in a way that a plastic physical model would not force me to do.

True, there is a diff. between a wankel and a rotary. Rotary engines died off almost completely because of the packaging problems.

True too, 3 cyl.=balance. However, a 3 piston crank is very difficult to design correctly. Almost any deviation from the ideal will cause a very unbalanced engine. I think that’s why 4s are so common.

dig out that micrometer, and you might want to start with a model airplane motor…cheaper, and many now are even 4 stroke

The 2nd engine design in the vid is a rotary engine that got better with less friction loss. With small engine and direct drive.

In the episode of future cars they said they are developing a compressor that runs on compressed air. So in a near future might be a car that you don’t even have to fuel.

hydrogen uses electricity to put into the water to get hydrogen. And remember the water needed to make hydrogen need to be filtered first to be pure and clean.

Just need to find out which cost more and need more work.

Compressing air or making hydrogen out of water.

cracking the h/0 bond is energy intenstive, but you still need a energy source to compress that air.

what about recompress system. And a turbo or supercharger might loose power with these. A closed system like a fridge?

Would like to see the airsystem on a bike or scooter though.

Wish they do a test that they would max out the speed to see how fast they go. For sure the vid shows they can run allot of milage. But what if less milage but more speed.

Wonder how a f1 that runs on air would look like. More aerodynamic less on cooling the engine. Wish this they would make a championship with air cars. Competition always make the development goes faster. Look at f1 each race they got new component to improve the cars.

basic thermodynamics, there aint no such thing as a free lunch. There are NO 100% effient systems, most are down in the 60’s so every time you convert from one to the other the 40% or so so’s by by. The energy densit y in a compressed gass a is fraction of what is available from combustion on when looked at from a volumetric aspect, hence they dont use compress air to boost folk to the space station. I knoq ID’s are supposed to be dreamers, but ask your self a question first…if this is so good why has it not been done before? The answer for this gizzy is simple, cost of oil, vrs pollution, nothing else.

The question why it is never done before is the most stupid question to ask if you are a ID.

For ID this is the best sentence, You just don’t know if you don’t try.

Every new development and new design are all trails and error to get it to the point you want.

If you keep saying why its is never done before or why nobody had made this because it wont work, you never invent something new.

Air powered if probably the future. Working with compressed air tools is very cool. I know allot of things that uses compressed air but most of them are use only on production lines to make the robots arms move or other machines.

Its fun working with robot arms. Programming is just dull.

because like all too many ID people you distane science, enigneering for fuzzy dreams and ill concived notions. ITS BASIC SCIENCE

In a way the air car is old technology, as Zippy mentioned. A steam engine is similar, just you are compressing the air at a different time and different temperature. There are reasons why cars don’t run on steam…