AIC: Sharing Space exhibit

I was at the Art Institute of Chicago last week and in the design gallery they have a neat exhibit "Sharing Space: creative intersections in Architecture and Design’. A lot of neat pieces from the permanent collection, including some rare Konstantin Grcic for Muji (1995) side tables. I’m all for exposing the masses to good design, but this exhibit leads the average Joe to thing most things are “shotgun-ed” together without any process. Also the show had some questionable curation going on. I’d urge anybody who posts here to go see it, and if you have please post your reaction to the show.

As far as the images go, the white chair on a white background is a huge WTF? They could have called Wright auctions or the Mart and had a red Chair One there in an hour. My real criticism is the use and implied relation between a Gric chair and a Ronan Bouroullec Sketch. The show has no example of the lattice structure that was developed from the Bouroullec sketch. If the show wanted a example of process in design, and how that can transcend to the process of architecture this would have been a good vein to go down.