Ai to Gcode?

Hey I want to convert my vector Ai. Files to Gcode to run on my desktop cnc machine. Anybody know how to do this? Thanks

What CAM and CNC software are you using?

I use a CAM program called MeshCam
and I run my machine on EMC in Linux

My cam software is pretty basic and doesn’t really work well with JPEGs or vectors
but I believe there is a way to work with the vector directly inside of EMC but I haven’t experimented with that much.
What are you trying to cut? Is it really complex? Whenever I have to do something similar to this I usually just take my vector into a CAD program and 3d model what I want the cut to look like, that’s the easiest way for me to work with ai files right now.

I am using EMC2. That is a good idea with the Ai to CAD to CAM. I have used the jpeg route (zing!) but it makes too many unnecessary passes

Check this link out about Inkscape.