AI prompt design resource material

This is the first compilation I’ve seen of prompt design and what it is capable of for now.
Enjoy and contribute!

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AIID, Artificial Intelligence Industrial Design is one of the next steps. It is going to be interesting how designers separate into the camps of “this changes nothing, it is just like Sketchbook Pro” to “this will change everything and puts professions at risk” and the enamored contingent that joyfully posts pictures of prompt-based industrial design, boasting about how much effort it saves.

Will there still be CAD engineers to back up the new class of “prompt engineering designers”?

This is interesting. I don’t know much about AI and am quite skeptical of the use in actual design applications (vs. art), but the PDF resource was very well made and quite insightful.

I’ve recently seen a lot of this exploration in footwear and have been meaning to write an article about it…but I’m honestly not 100% sure I know enough yet to comment. From what I’ve seen, I see little “footwear design” and very much “neat visuals”. Not unlike all the impossible 3D VR shoes I see spinning around…


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