AI Generated Design Examples

I signed up for Dall-E and gave it a spin this afternoon, I’d definitely recommend trying it out!

Here’s the prompt and output:

a purple foam yeezy slider in the style of ettore sottsass

syd mead style rendering of a horse-drawn cart with cyber poodles pulling it through the early morning mist of a Scottish moor with a glass citadel in the background


I took one of the versions and filled it out to the sides with new frames:

Some of my Mid-Journey experiments.
rotat crop 2

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For some apples to apples, I tried Midjourney and Stable Diffusion with the same prompt “a purple foam yeezy slider in the style of ettore sottsass” - I’d say Midjourney was better at further iteration and refinement but Dall-E produced the best first pass.


Stable Diffusion:

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Raymundo Burgueno released this video recently. Quite advanced SD imo.


I think that is a good use case @designbreathing. It is interesting because in his key words he is inputting specific artists… so for the algorithm to work it is sampling those artists’s work… is that an IP issue for someone to take up? Granted humans are doing the a similar thing. You might input “Daniel Simon” and “Scott Robertson” into an AI engine or spend hours looking at their work and emulating it… you could argue that is the same thing. But in the end the human still had to develop the skill vs the AI literally sourcing the images from the original artists.

Either way, pretty amazing what these engines can do. Max Yoshimoto, former design lead at Lunar, Motorola, and Google Pixel wrote this recently on the topic:

I see it mainly as a styling ideation tool at the moment, and industrial design is so much more than that. For every nice sketch we see on a project there might be hours and hours of defining problems, positioning strategy, negotiations with product managers, working through details with manufacturing, etc etc…


Raymundo’s video is great, I’m looking forward to trying some of it out.

this article from @Stucon has some nice examples:

interesting article. got to wonder how design education evolves from here?
I just read a graphics blog where the writer preferred the Ai to the human illustrator’s results, which leads me to…a while ago there was a prediction that eventually designers would face mass layoffs, and Directors would become curators of digital ideas

Tomorrow evening (Thursday, 11/10 @ 7pm EST) the three Ohio IDSA chapters are putting on event discussing ID and emerging technology, which will include both designing for AI and with AI, like the examples in this thread. We’ll be discussing both workflows and implications of the technology, with plenty of time for discussion with the audience.

Join us if you can: IDSA Blurred Lines 3.0 | Industrial Design & Emerging Technology Tickets, Thu, Nov 10, 2022 at 7:00 PM | Eventbrite

@seurban sorry I missed this.

Is there a recording available?


@JCS yes, sorry it took a bit to reply. You can find it here: IDSA Blurred Lines 3.0 | Industrial Design & Emerging Technology - YouTube

@seurban great, thanks!