Ahh yes, a truly great product.

In sundays “opus” comic strip, the hero is attending a metting of junkies anon for over consumers. He is quite proud of his recovery untill he gets a few bucks then buys 1880 digital turnip twaddlers…so how many of our products ARE in reality just some version of “digital turnip twaddlers”?

More than I care to acknowledge…

Berke Breathed is my hero.

you and me both, guess that comes from “doing it” for a while and looking back…Breathed IS a gas, lets face it he and opus get the point across with out the heavy handed bludgioning for “doonsbury”…

Absolutely. I never understood the popularity of Doonsbury. Now if only Breathed would come out with a bound collection like Watterson has I would be in heaven.

Doons’s was cool for a bit back in the 80’s but the same old same old preaching from on high gets boring (liberal or conservitive dont matter) and he never switched gears. I think the use of “humans” in the strip limits the ability to look from outside in, sorta why SciFi is better at looking at social situations than conventional fiction. Lest we forget the ne plus ultra of goodness… the long lamented FAR SIDE!!! ahh we knew ye well.