Ages and Stages

Is design a profession for younger folks? At what age or experience level are designers considered too young, too old? Does pre-tech schooling make one a better designer or not? Does post-tech schooling make one a better designer or not? Is the computer a tool or a crutch? Is seasoned the same as used up? Is fresh the same as inexperienced

I’ve wondered some of the same things. In my experiences, the majority of my co-workers have been in their mid-30s or even younger. In some cases this even includes the management or directors. I realize the profession is growing, but is there a reason I haven’t worked with (hardly) anyone who is 50? Most other careers don’t seem to reflect this gap.

Its a little intimidating when you think about it. What happens to a designer when they get old?

entry level 22 - 26
lead level 26 - 30
senior level 28 - 40
manager 40 - 55

Even though people may say age doesn’t matter, believe me it matters a lot. Young = fresh ideas

Age = already programmed to a certain style.

Why do you think people look at a sketch and say it is dated. That means it’s old design. Even the design (sketch style) changes over time. A graduate from the 80’s never used the computer as much as someone from the late 90’s when they atarted getting hot. Most companies don’t want to hire someone they have to train. It’s too time consuming.

However, the young kids lack pertinant experience. They think innovative not practical. Will it really work or not. That is why the old folgies are running the studios and the new kids are the work force driving the train.