Why don’t designers have agents?

because as much as I’d we like to think we are, we are NOT rock stars. We are simply a cog in business.

I don’t necessarily agree with that. Can anyone else offer a response to this post?

Well, there ARE ID agents out there like

Deez, I don’t quite understand what you are saying?

What other creative fields do?

  • Actors
  • Photographers
  • Illustrators
  • Models

The thing these fields have in common is that they’re offering volumes of known products (style) to volumes of buyers in search of that product.

why would a designer ever want an agent? shouldnt designers be able to represent themselves? selling yourself is a big part of the difference between a good designer and unemployed one.

me personally, i would hate to give up 10% or more of my paycheck to someone else.

not to mention look at how much trouble agents cause in pro sports… athletes holding out requesting more money.

could you imagine a designer holding out for more money… sorry new jordans wont come out for another month… yo is holding out for more dough…lol

to the original poster-

Yes, there are agents for designers. They usually work by putting together programs, compilations, group shows and exhibitions, books, etc.

They are usually used with designers who run their own studios are in demand, and work with both products and environments. What they offer is to do all the legwork on setting these relationships up leaving the designer wo do, well design.

I have met a couple of them while at the ICFF in NY, and have worked with a famous Finnish designer who had an agent (more like a PR guy) based in LA.

Also, groups like Droog work like agents in that they assemble a group of designers, and pitch the combined talent to manufacturers. You could also call Designboom an agent when they invited designers to particiapte in the ICFF mart.