OK, curiosity has gotten the better of me…how old are you? I am curious as to the cross section of ages around here.

I am 35.


26 too.

ip, I always giggle when I read your name to my myself.

It came from a cross of a Simpsons episode with my days designing cell phones and graphics for AirCards.

My first significant memory was watching JFK’s funeral on a black & white TV.

Old but not ancient.

the big 30.

Aw, c’mon Deez…your content understanding isn’t a day under 5.


wasn’t it something like,

is Mr. Freely there? First name IP?

then Moe is like, Hey Freely! Hey IP Freely!

Mmmmm funny


I’m 26 as well… at least for another 4 months.

  1. Yeesh, getting close to the big 3-0. Yo! what does it feel like???

… it’s all up hill from there my friend.

It went something like this:

28, I thought it was no big deal
29, I thought I was cool with it
29.5, getting worried about it
29.75, freaking out about it
30 and a day, totally fine…
30.5, the best year yet so far


I found turning 35 harder than 30. I actually freaked out more when my little brother turned 30.

Man, I thought I was passed it…

sorry players, but the 26’s have it

Just hit 32. it is uphill after 30. Healing and recuperation takes a lot longer, and add that to 7+ years of not seriously working out the way I used to, very uphill battle indeed. Just ran a mile last week slower than my worst time as a sophmore in high school.

40 years old

and doing cool mid life things like:
Moved to Hong Kong a year and a half ago
Getting my Masters in Design Degree

Sorry 26ers, life does get more interesting over time :slight_smile:

again 26…I’m surprised we are the young guns on here. I think I’ve had a mid twentys crisis…as I’ve just spent a bomb on a load of snowboard kit and felt old at a music festival last year.

30 now.

I’ll be 31 in March.