Again? Rhianna PUMA's new Creative Director


RIHANNA has been named creative director of Puma, overseeing the direction of the womenswear line, and will join famous sportsmen including Usain Bolt and Mario Balotelli as a brand ambassador. The singer arrived at the company’s headquarters in Germany yesterday and had her first creative meeting with the design team.

Having signed a “multi-year partnership” with the company, Rihanna will take a “hands-on approach,” WWD reports, working on Puma’s fitness and training collections across apparel as well as shoes.

Rihanna “will work with Puma to design and customise classic Puma styles as well as create new styles to add to the Puma product portfolio,” Puma said in a statement today.


Makes me wonder how Gaga’s doing over at Polaroid.

Not so well.

“Polaroid is really not working with [Lady Gaga] any longer,” said Hoistion, who did not disclose when the brand stopped working with the pop star. “Everyone has gone their separate ways.”


At first I thought, not again with the celeb bashing, let them take the money and sell units and give them whatever title they want.

Then I watched this video and realized I had a problem with it.

This seems like 1993 technology, what a yawning chasm between what video sunglasses should be and what Ammunition arrived at.

And the fugly ucking wedge of a camera. For reference, this is what the DNA of a Polaroid camera looks like.

And this is the 2011 best shot.

Oh dear. I’ve ‘ghost designed’ for stuff like this as have many of my friends. Being a freelancer, my entire career is ghost designer.

Incidentally the only sleb I’ve ever heard of that does actually ‘do it herself’ is Gwen Stefani. Apparently spends several weeks every year, making story boards, setting the theme and spending hours working with the team at the factory to get the samples.

I’m divided. On the one hand, celebs are brands like any other. I heard that Thomas Edison tried to have some of his employees pitch inventions from his labs, but they failed. Investors wanted to invest in Edison more than his inventions.

On the other hand, we’re in a new era marketing. Kickstarter people aren’t hiring has-been musicians to make pitch videos. Similar to reality TV, consumers are responding more to the genuine than the previous era’s spokespeople.

Moreover, how come big wigs get their crap together? Generals are leaving their laptops with their hot girlfriends. Celebs are posting all their naked photos to the internet. Sony can’t spend two shekels to keep their movies and employees data secure. BB hires I can’t remember who instead of trying to make a good product. Come on people, get your s together.

Funny coincidence Gaga was sitting in first class on my flight back to NY last night. I should have asked her what it was like to be an Industrial Design director. Now I’ll never get my chance to learn from the pros! :smiley:

I don’t doubt your statement will happen.

People buy things to replace things, and if the celb of the day can get a product out quick enough, it will sell.
I would bet that Rhianna has learned the hard way how to market and sell, I can also anticipate the resistance she will have from some the current desugn staff.

I once had an employer that wanted to hire a “famous” ID’er to promote what our internal studio had done, ( which I led) implying that the famous designer had created the product. This was based on the assumption the product would be more creditable and they would sell more. I was told “You are not famous, so we want to use this guy” I replied “Neither was “famous designer” at one time, untill his product was noticed”

This director also told us how to form our letters when we wrote notes in meetings, what to wear, eat and drive. Off topic, but what stories I can tell.

So glad I have a great boss:)

more of the same.

I was really beginning to think that Puma was on the verge of turning their ship around. Seen some really nice stuff hitting the market, and really hoped that it was an increasing consistency to it. Both footwear and apparel-wise.

I interpret this as slap in the face from upper management stating that there isn’t enough confidence in their products.
Grind on designer friends, grind on!

Think back ten years, whoever the Lady Gaga or Rihanna of 2004 was, and imagine them as the “creative design lead” of whichever brand/ product, and how ridiculous that looks. Then cast your mind back to 1994, 1984 etc. and how more and more ludicrous it becomes.

Things must be really bad if she’s flying commercial. We should start an indiegogo campaign to get her a NetJets card.

Makes a good speculative fiction alternate timeline:

1984: Braun announces David Hasselhoff as design director
1974: Cher joins Xerox Parc as VP of global creative design
1964: Ringo Starr named co-director of design at Herman Miller alongside George Nelson

I thought I was the only one that noticed that. Man, it must suck being a pop star today!

But there was a David Hasselhoff shoe line in Germany for years! And he also claims to have brought down the Berlin Wall, there is no end to the mans talents. No wonder Kanye is feeling a bit miffed at being knocked back when approaching the luxury brands!

Not too much to add to this.

Oh Kanye…

I agree, because he deserves jad star