After you apply, what then? Some advice?

I keep asking people who’ve been around the bend a couple times what the logical next step, after you’ve applied, to make yourself stand out to an employer and they tend to come back with give them a call, or follow up with the secretary, or ‘hit the pavement’ (this phrase dates you, by the way). Thing is, people often get irritated when you call, unless they request it. Hiring managers tend to have 1000’s of resume’s to deal with and dont want a follow up from everyone.

So in the electronic world, what do you do to stand out? That is, after you find a position at core or cadtalent or monster or such, send an email out with your resume and cover letter, then what? Online portfolio? Pester with more emails? Call and find out that there is no one to reach?

any ideas?

for me it doesn’t matter what the industry…if they want me they will call me…sounds big headed but honestly i try to make my impression with my resume, samples of my work, etc not by calling or emailing them because this will only show them that i am desperate.

“good things come to those who wait”

I guess I would send in the resume, then sit in complete darkness listening to 80’s music, completely naked.

turn around…

…bright eyes is right…

after you ace the interview, you go on to the next job opportunity

…sittin’ on a powder keg and givin’ off sparks…

I would say the Top Gun theme might be more appropriate, but if you’re jumpin around in the dark to that radically awesome riff you might break stuff.

In my opinion Jelena is correct to an extent, but not complete. You dont want to come of as desperate (ask yourself how you’d be working for a job if you were as bad-@#$ as you want them to think you are). That said, electronic resume banks have introduced a new problem: thousands and thousands of resume’s on the desk of the HR manager. Its an issue to get HR people to look at your resume for more than a second … if you pull that off, then the quality of your work should come into play.

How to do that … Hard to say. Avoid massive job boards as they compound the problem. Its a certainty that your resume will be competing with thousands of others on a huge job board, where the ‘winners’ selected to be passed to the director or supervisor or whatever is often determined by luck and when you posted the resume. There’s some good niche boards emerging: I’m biassed toward, partly b/c its been extremely effective for a brand spanking new board, and partly b/c they pay my bills. Try to tailor your resume so the key words (autocad, etc…) are clearly visible – This is critical for larger companies where the HR people have no ID or CAD/CAM training. Once the resume gets in, your never going to go wrong with decent references. Have someone write a letter of recomendation for you and send it in a day or two later attached to an email reminding them of how gosh darn spectacular you are. It dosent hurt to be gosh darn spectacular either.

I read in an HR book once that they use software to search resumes much like google searches the internet. That’s one reason job postings stress a particular format file. Anyway, I copied and pasted the job description requirement words directly into my word doc resume submission. The way I got around them knowing I did it was by pasting the smallest text size possible in white (the same color as the background) and I shit you not, no one knew better and the hr person called me the next day. Stupid monkeys are so damn common these days. Then I turned them down stating that any fool could have done what I did and they need to try harder.

what the hell are you talking about? pasting white text?

you’re wasting our time!

i understand what Guest1 is saying but did you really do that???

that’s like cheating at an exam, just means you had nothing impressive in your resume!

…the software sorts for key words in the document data (the words don’t have to visible on screen or when printed)…yes, guest1 is wasting everyones time because those words should be visible in the resume anyway.

…if they would just hand pick a dozen candidates directly from the boards… they would save themselves and everyone else alot of drudgery and time and money…but nooooo!

Truthfully, I have an impressive pornfolio and resume. Most of the time it doesn’t even make it through the crap. I just didn’t really like this company and it was more of a practical joke on their sorry arses. Now I can brag to all you guys how I got my reume read and a job offer because of my little trick.