after the BIG interview

what next?

Late last week I had an interview with a noted design consultancy that I think went well. I was the first of candidates, some of whom are being flown in

I sent an email that evening thanking them for their time and also gave a link to my website with more samples.

Should I send a letter or postcard of my stuff to send them to refresh their memory and to re-express my (obvious) interest? Is that a good idea? Any suggestions?

They said to call next friday if I don’t hear from them.


sit tight - i think you’d come across desperate

a week’s not that long to wait, if you do end up calling them you can find out if they looked at you web portfolio and take it from there…

Thanks. I just have a feeling that they’ve probably been unindated with portfolios, calls and emails about the position.

Another thing is that I totally forgot to leave hardcopies of my work samples with them so all they have is my card and resume that don’t have images of my work.

Anyone out there with (or who has heard of) a similar experience? Does this clarify my predicament?

Any sr iders out there (who hire) have suggestions?

again … just sit tight

if you’ve had an interview then you’ve beaten the 100’s of other applicants, so leave it with them

if you say you forgot to leave anything now you may come across as …forgetful

if you end up calling then next friday (as instructed) then you can assess the situation - and if they are still mulling it over - then this is a more opportune moment to discuss your work, mention your web follio again and offer to send in samples - email PDF, or hard copies - at least you’ll have that contact again.

Getting the gig seems waay more important than just getting an interview, no matter what company it is. I’d say go for it! good luck.