after an interview, what then?

after an interview which seemed to be quite positive,
shouldn’t you, at least, get some sort of response even if you don’t get
the position?

…one would think that would be a reasonable thing to expect, but i have had it happen to me as well…if you have sent your thank you note, a follow up call wouldn’t be out of order…next!

I have always forced the issue by immediately sending a thank you email after the interview. In that letter I always mention that I will follow up within a week to recieve feedback, check status, anything else needed, etc…

I also send a hard copy thank you letter with the same vocabulary.

…Then you call them and you are not twiddling your thumbs.

It basically you gives you an “in” and opportunity to chat with the hiring folks. If the company is organized they should have all candidates i-viewed within a 2 week time.