after a summer of building models...

…I couldn’t take it anymore and whipped out the pencil while talking to my gf on the phone :smiley:

these were done without reference so don’t judge the ladies to harshly :wink:

I like the ladies, cool style, the bodies look a little Aeon Fluxish, which is sweet, I wonder if a boxy ass would look cool in real life?? :laughing:

nice work
what kinda models were you making?

the models are 1/24 scale communications vehicles for homeland security, I’m not quite sure, but I believe their for the senate and congress, if their is a terrorist attack or whatnot in D.C. I believe these vehicles are supposed to act as a mobile “house of congress” etc. Basically their really expensive and purchased with your tax money so some government official can have something cool for his desk :laughing:

they’re pretty cool, theres 5 models, got to work with a pratt grad who took 2nd in the old “body by fisher” competition and also does some gun smithing as a hobby.

I assembled them today finally, nice to see all the parts come together, he made the front cab and the rear body was done with a laser etching machine but I made all the other parts of the vehicles out of aluminum and plexi and did some scribbing for the doors and windows…I’ll be taking some pictures tomorrow, I’ll post them up

all in all it was a good learning expirience but I’m kinda cashed on model building and thats usually my favorite part of school…oh well

i like the flying machine! :stuck_out_tongue:

pretty happy with the way they came out considering my expirience, it was a lot of work and at time a lot of frustration but in the end worth the minute in terms of knowledge gained. Just wish I could of kept one of the damn things for my desk :frowning:

nice (except for the Red Socks hat in the backgound that is :wink: ).

Were where you interning.

Well, it wasn’t really considered an internship, however in reality is basically was.

It was done for a company in Auburn, Mass named Wolf Coach. They build telecommunications vehicles for the Government and like Fox News, NBC, etc. The company was actually on “Made in America”.

I however can’t claim credit to the whole models.

I did 95% of the small parts building, All the satellite parts I built and finished, the winches I made from scratch out of brass tubing and sheet bent up on a break with some model train wheels and delrin, etc. I made the front bumbers out of bar aluminum, the mirrors are small pieces of delrin cut on the table saw and filed to a desired shapped, the rear mast is aluminum rod I turned on a lathe, so on and so on.

what didn’t do is scribe the rear body, the panels were cut with a laser since they were nice and flat and could lay in the laser etchers bed which saved a lot of time, they were cut from tech drawing my supervisor did. Once they were cut I glued them up squaring them and then did all the finish filing, bondoing, paint etc. My “supervisor” also did the rough cutting for the nose and cab, I then glued them up and did A LOT of finish work (took 1/8th inch off the fenders filing to clean up gaps between the fender and cab and windshield and nose etc). I also filed the slightly sloping sides and top onto the body and scribed the doors and windows. I then did all the finish work, bondo, primer, sand, primer, sand, primer until they were pretty much perfect, then paint and clear coat. Other then the laser cut panels and the rough cutting on the cab (and by rough I mean ROUGH) I did all the rest.

My supervisor would hand me a tech drawing and sometimes write a few notes and send me on my way.

In the end it was a very good expirience to have, At school I rarely have time/money to do what I want with my models so I usually find myself getting frustrated with blue foam which fine for sketch models but stinks to try and finish as a “final” model. Learned new things, refined techniques and made some beer money, not a bad deal :laughing:

PS. The red sox won today :wink: