AFL Grand Final this weekend

A Community Service announcement for those of you not privy to these glittering shores and our golden game, the Australian Football League Grand Final is on this weekend.

One of the leagues major sponsors has put together this nice promotion “Footify”:
to commentate in 10 languages by amateurs.

If you have the terrible luck to not be Australian, here’s a list of international stations that broadcast it (some live):

or online pay-per-view:

Awesome thanks! Used to follow footy a bit about 10 years ago.

It’s on again this weekend, Sydney vs Hawthorn.

Interesting NYT story about unusual player recruitment from US Basketball:

Mark of the Year:

Goal of the Year:

I love Footy. Was taught the rules by an Aussie in Hong Kong and then went to games in the Melbourne and Sydney Cricket Grounds.

Nice mark :slight_smile:

Did they used to have PEDs in AFL? I feel like these guys look much smaller than they did 10-15 years ago.

Those shorts are giving me flashbacks to the ABA and Jackie Moon.

I think everyone is bigger now, so no one stands out as huge. When I was a kid lots of players were really skinny and used skills to get by (smoko and pie at quarter time break) whereas now you are more likely to be a successful player by being super fit and have reasonable skills. Most players train to this goal. Also height is an advantage, so players look lean compared to say Rugby League players (who look like, as the saying goes, a brick shithouse).

It really is a running game. The AFL did some GPS tracking of players and got average 13km ±2km (8 miles ±1.2 miles), with some claimed max. 20km (12.4 miles)

Some internet research:

Basketball 2.72 miles (4.4 km)
American Football 1.2 miles (2km)
Tennis 3 to 5 miles (4.8km to 7km)
Soccer 7 miles (11.3km)

The current PED controversy is organised peptide supplements by teams, without player knowledge or consent: