Affordable ID School in EU


I’ve been working as an industrial designer for about 2 years and I’m looking into masters program in industrial design. (or similar programs like design strategy/thinking, management etc)

To explain my situation quickly, I didn’t try my hardest and slacked off big time in college. Now i’m starting to regret my wasted education and resources I could have utilized during those time in the studio. But I’ve been lucky enough to land a job in Southern California where i love it here.
Because of my regrets and how much I could have done better in school, I would really love to try and explore concepts and go through extensive process in grad school because I don’t really have that luxury of time and resources at work.

I don’t have clear idea what I want to do in the future except the fact that i love working in design field. At first I was against going to grad school because i thought it’s just too expensive for the field that seems to require experience rather than education. So I’ve been focusing on maybe starting a small business to make cash on the side and hopefully owning my company in the future.

Recently, I’ve been informed there are some affordable schools in Europe like Germany, France, Denmark which sparked my interest.(I heard Germany offers almost no tuition as long as your pass their language test.) Also it gives me an excuse to live in Europe to experience different culture haha.

Sorry for my ramble but If you guys could name a few affordable, decent schools in EU offering masters in ID or related programs, that would be awesome. Also schools in US are welcomed as well. it’s just that i would not be happy paying 30-50k for grad school.
Your opinion on going to EU is appreciated as well.


I did my undergrad at Konstfack in Stockholm, Sweden.
Really enjoyed it there with a strong design and art legacy both within the school and the city/country.
Other more famous options in Sweden are Lund in the south and Umeå in the north.
If you like California, I’d maybe discourage committing to the north of Sweden though :wink:

Sweden is a great country to study.
While living costs are relatively high, you do get to enjoy a safe and diverse country with great healthcare and a dependable infrastructure.
I am Swedish/EU citizen, so I studied for free but I believe that even for international students, tuition is no where near US standards.

The masters are pretty competitive though as classes are small and application numbers are high.

Shoot me a PM if you got any questions. Happy to share more about my experience.

Thanks Bepster for your sharing your experience. I sent you a PM with more questions.

Umea has a very good name in Europe. The university of Southern Denmark is also good and the weather is better :slight_smile:
I know that if you study in Finland, it can be free for foreign students, but the government requires you to in return work in Finland for several years. Also you may have to learn Finnish, a difficult language almost unrelated to any other language. I highly recommend studying in Europe, it’s a very different approach to design and education over here.

Thanks Ralphzoontjens, I’ll definitely check them out!