Affordable and Trustworthy Injection Molder?

I am exploring the idea of producing my own small plastic product, and I was wondering if anyone has experience with any affordable and trustworthy inj molders?


In the US or China?

How many units would you be ordering?

What material is used?

Assembly or decoration required?

Special packaging equipment required?

Simple questions are rarely simple…

See this current thread for a bit more discussion around this: Why would anyone pay 30k for a working prototype?

As already stated, your question is far too vague to give an answer.

fair enough.

small injection molded part for the consumer kitchen product area … about the size of a cereal bowl. not a very complex part – 2-part mold – but quality of the piece is important. needs to have a nice overall finish, similar to something OXO would produce.

mtl: most likely PP
qty: 5,000 - 10,000 to start
location of mfr: doesn’t matter where produced necessarily but would like US office based in Northeast if possible for easy communication, etc.
packaging: will be packaged in a cardboard carton, though not sure yet who will pack

on thomasnet a search brings up loads of potential mfrs. i am hoping someone on this board will have had experience working with a mfr from a small business perspective and can recommend them.


Can’t help you in the Northeast. Northwest…them’s my stopping grounds.

There are a lot of hungry contract molders in the Boston & NJ area. You probably want an aluminum tool to start, then build a steel tool if you hit the big times.

Some shops have connections in China to build a decent tool and ship it into their shop. Make sure you give them good specs.

I can’t give you any names. Sorry.

Good luck.

Best of luck,


Check out Paramount Industries located in Langhorne, PA (outside of philadelphia). I never used them but met the guy that runs it and took a tour of the facilities. They specialize in this kind of stuff (small runs 1,000 to 10’000 parts).

Best, Shane

how about in China?

:smiley: PER-Design is a well established design consultancy in China, providing product design of multi category and consultation services. We provide one-station service from market research to industrial design, engineering design, PCB design, software design, die design, production and assembly as well as exportation.

Just want to know a good, cost effective plastic molder with secondary operations like painting

Thanks to all who have replied … much appreciated. When I finally get this project off the ground I’ll post my experiences. In the meantime, I will be looking into the recommended companies.

haven’t gotten a china referral yet.