Aesop Rock All Day + Nike Original Run

I just saw this on i tunes
Nike has paired with underground hip-hop artist Aesop Rock Aesop Rock | Listen and Stream Free Music, Albums, New Releases, Photos, Videos
to create a new audioexperience, All Day, for your run (workout).

I have been an Aesop Rock fan for sometime and was surprised, then excited, then curious about this collaboration. I’m looking forward to checking it out.

Any thoughts?
any insights Yo! ?


First I heard of it… its a big company… could be cool though, I also like aesop.

Here’s a copy of the entry FYI

“All Day” Nike + Original Run series

hey all
i was asked to do a 45 minute long (mostly) intrumental song for nike’s ‘original run’ series. i wouldnt call it my first intrumental album as i kind of approached it differently then i would a true inst album, but it is primarily intrumental, with some areas of vocals. this project has lots of live intrumentation, bass, guitars, keys, etc., and really has a consistently changing sound. there were a couple rules to follow, as i kinda had to make something that was as ‘functional’ as it was kinda cool to listen to. it really runs the gamut from super light and almost ambient to pretty dark and tuff, to eerie, to funky, etc etc. I really got to try things i dont think i would have ever tried elsewhere on this thing. dj big wiz does cuts throughout. allyson baker (former parchman farm member) plays guitar a lot. also, the music will come with a ‘digital booklet’ featuring 6 photos by the lovely and talented chrissy piper. should be available thru itunes feb 13th if youre interested. heres a snippet from the press release that went out:

Joining the ranks of renowned artists The Crystal Method and LCD Soundsystem, MC/Producer Aesop Rock has joined forces with Nike to release an original composition in the third installment of the “Nike + Orignal Run” series, available exclusively in the Nike Sport Music store on iTunes. All Day: Nike + Original Run, a 45-minute continuous mix, was created specifically with runners in mind and reflects Aesop Rock’s distinct and unique style. “I wanted to create something that evolved enough that the sound was constantly fresh and attractive, as if the runner were moving through a set of differing cities or landscapes.”

I’m def going to look into it… I’d like to get the LCD soundsystem one as well…

yeah, my interest has definitely been piqued on the whole Nike + Original Run series concept now

kind of a tangent, but i have a pair of the Zoom Moire+. Very comfy shoe. I think I still prefer the Free 5.0 running shoe though…a bit more feel from the increased flex.

The frees always felt much more like a tool, in a good way. I still live my beat up original Free trainers and run in them all the time inspite the fact that they are well worn… I kick myslef for not buying a bunch because I feel like they where designed for my feet, from the first wear they felt like a natural extension, as if my feet grew traction and just a bit of cushioning. Eric Avar is the Man, the best running shoe ever for me.

The Moire is much more of a shoe. A really nice shoe. I have the Moire+ST (winterized mid cut version), and I like them so much I almost feel guilty running in them, I won’t go on a trai with them… I know, I have issues. They are “winter” shoes I bought for the trail, and they only see the treadmill, maybe a little sidewalk…

I got a pair of the Nike 4.0 Free trainers white/silver and also like em. Great for walking and travelling (easy to slip on an off in the plane and the stretch is good for swollen feet after a 12 hour plane ride).

Also like the minimal design and simplpe black swoosh on the vamp.

My only complaint is that I find the sockliner slips around a lot, and tends to ride up in the heel after walking around. Next time Im at a shoe factory, Im gonna have them glue in for me.

I’ve been a big fan of the simple/stretch concept since the original Presto. I still have a pair of the first ones and they area great all purpose shoe.

I dunno if I buy into the whole barefoot foot strength running concept, but the design and fit is top notch. Eric Alvar IS the man! (after yo and Tinker, of course).

What do you mean, Yo, in your comment saying the Frees are a tool?


May I assume that Eric Avar is the Free designer?

Speaking of barefoot, I recently had to rinse mine out with scalding hot water in the shower to get rid of the stink. It was pretty gross watching all the little clumps of dead skin come gushing out but they smell fresh again and no longer need to live on my patio.

Yeah the mid cut version looks pretty cool in the camo colorway.

Me too. It just makes sense to me. With these the shoe is not really complete without a foot which is fitting…

Dude, it totally works, trust me, and I’m not just sharing coolaid here… and Avar is the man far ahead of me… with a lot of people in between too.

I just meen that to me they exude a very no nonsense, purpose built feel. Like you want to beat them up because they where made for it. The Moire is more precious (insert Lord of the Rings joke of choice here…)

Yup, and I run mine through the washing machine all the time, they can take it, just don’t put them in the dryer.