Aeron chair cad model for solidworks

Does anybody have a cad model for the Aeron mesh chair suitable for solidworks that they would be happy to share?
The ones available on the net all seem to be in .max or .3ds format. Without 3d Studio or Rhino I cant open and convert these.
I’m doing some renderings of new workstation concepts and I’d like to include either the Aeron chair or a similar mesh office chair.


You can download an Aeron Model in .DWG format from Herman Miller. You should be able to open up that format in Solidworks.

Thanks Ross. I did try that but the triangulation is huge so it is way too faceted to give a good result.

I took a look at those models and they are pretty bad quality.

Do you have any other Aeron Models? I have both 3ds Max and Rhino so I can try and translate them for you.