Aero3S: revamping the T-Rex

Here is the new website. Based on the T-Rex, this vehicle has new body parts. Abit busy design wise but looks good. It does have the WOW effect.

Do you know if Paul Deutschman did the design?

I like the front fenders. The rest kind of looks like the T-Rex on crack…not a bad thing! Kind of supercar crazy.

Nope, don’t know who designed it. But definately not Paul. I also like the front fenders but they were greatly inspired from the Caparo T1 fenders:

aforementioned WOW factor
dominating road presence
looks better than original

Really, really busy
like good god, I can’t keep up busy
memorable, yeah, but I wouldn’t be able to remember specifics

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Overall I like, but its a little overkill for my tastes

I was thinking of the dodge t-rex. I like this one better. It looks a bit like a Citroen from a little while back.

Its like a cycling helmet with wheels

good lord. there isn’t a single part on that thing that is nice. maybe (just maybe) the rims are passable, but i don’t even know what to say about the rest! yikes!


Too bad they were too cheap to hire us (The Creative Unit) to redesign it. And they even have another vehicle coming out (4 wheeler). I am afraid to see the design. That what happens when you don’t hire designers…

To be honest, I didn’t like the original T-Rex. It looked like an outdated Kawasaki tricycle to me. Maybe I only heard of it too late.

Other than the fenders, I see no evidence that this is any more up to date. There is so much opportunity too. Just look at that Spanish Caterham that I posted about. Why can’t a cottage builder in North America bother to make a nice looking car rather than a half-@$$ed version of 25+ year old supercars?

Now I’m depressed.

It’s like a high speed carbon fiber skid mark.


looks like the result of a CAD demo.

It’s like someting your might have drawn when you where in grade school.

on crack?

on crack?

…i think this just might work for any comment :slight_smile:


on crack?

that’s what she said.

The T-rex was always such a nutty car, I think drugs had to be involved somewhere in development!

good God. That thing could give me a seizure.