advise on disassambling for recyclability

If a plastic chair were PP, but had two small details in ABS (amounting to 2% of the product) could I instruct consumers to recycle it? I could say “after removing blank detail, please recycle”.

Question is, is it normal to ask a consumer to remove a part. I know it is a concept which is talked about a lot, but is it employed.

Also, if the part is broken during removal, we may be libel for a cut on their hand or God forbid a split part that lands in the eye.

This is worst case scenario, I have removed the detail myself and nothing bad happened.

I am looking for input from people who work in manufacturing and have been through this.


Its always good to look at the worst case scenario. Is the chair being marketed as “green”? If it is than it shouldnt be a problem because they will be happy to do anything they can to recycle. Warnings and “At Your Own Risk” labels are alway good.