Advise on becoming a sustainable designer

Hi my name is Tiffany. I have an associates Degree in Fine Arts and I’m currently a Junior in the Home Products Development Program at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I am interested in becoming a sustainable product designer but my major doesn’t include design classes. on my own time I attend an intro to design class but id like to do more. I was wondering if I could get some advise on accomplishing this goal.

Thank you


Vintage furniture re-upholstery is a thankful business :slight_smile:
But there is a lot you can do in that field.
The first thing to do is to make your goal more specific, measurable and divided into short- mid- or long-term goals.

Then you can carve out your activities from there.
Also see other school’s programs (Milan?) for recent online materials and example course projects.


If you are bridging towards the design field a good way to understand the basics of the industry is to look at the history of chairs.
This is well-documented in the Taschen book ‘Design of the 20th Century’

I also recommend reading John Heskett’s ‘Industrial Design’

Another recommendation related to innovative textiles: ‘Textile Visionaries’ by Bradley Quinn

Thank you so much for the help ! I’ll definetly look into those readings as well.