Advice on “wilderness retreat” with product design theme?

For a while now I’ve been keeping my eyes open (as some of you know) for just the right ID partner to push forward with a specialty B&B venture that services inventors. In short - during their B&B stay we consult, review their product project and delivery a “first cut” feasibility evaluation. As well, we demystify the product design and commercialization process for them. I am a consultant/ invention development and product commercialization (currently working w/ inventors). B&B guests bring wife /family, etc., have a good time. Guest/inventor goes home with a quick-study and some sense of the process in front of him should he decide to pursue his invention. And potentially if the product substance and personal chemistry is right the inventor engages us, or not.

I have not yet located the right partner for the venture, I’m still looking. Meanwhile, I’d like to get something going utilizing this beautiful wilderness location (two homes, office/studio, work shop) as a retreat with some sort of product design/product commercialization theme.

A while back it was suggested that a retreat for IDers for early stage product design “deep dive” sessions might make sense.

Any thoughts, ideas? Would appreciate input.