:: advice on studies to change career track...please! ::

I have been working in web design (and some development) for the last 6 years. I am burnt out and want to extend my design skills and move into either product design, usability, or perhaps work in a design consultancy. I have a portfolio of design work that is mainly web, but also print, photography, painting, and pure graphic design. I am assuming that I will need to go back to school to make the transition (design master’s perhaps?) and have been reading a lot about programs in the EU (I would like to stay in this region as I cannot afford the US tuition fees!).

So - my question is this – is there a master’s program (or something similar) out there that would provide some sort training courses (e.g. basic studies/theories in typography, for example) in addition to the opportunity to research a specific topic for a thesis? Or, am I looking at doing a 4 year undergrad degree in product design or even graphic design? I already have a BAH (liberal arts) degree from a university in Canada and am 33 - I cannot imagine going back to school for 4 years at this point!

Any and all comments/help/feedback would be very much appreciated.

thanks and best regards!

check out Domus in Italy, University of Art and Design in Helsinki and UMEA in Sweden. All have a master or similar level course in product design if that s what you are interested in getting into.

sure there are others as well (Coventry, UK, etc.), but these are the ones that come to the top of my head. I have no personal experience with any of them, just some helpful forwarding direction.


hmm. I never considered finland or sweden - i will have a look. thanks a bunch Richard!