advice on routes to take

Hello, my name is Brian and I wanted some help deciding what route I should take. Background: AA in fine Arts as well as Avionic systems tech, Another 4 years to go on my Air Force contract. Married no kids. Basically I want to get back to my design routes and really try for my goal as becoming a Creative Director/Director of Design of a firm or product company one day.

I’m looking to start my B.A. in the fall/spring but I am worried about the quality of my education since it will have to be online. My routes are either a B.S. in communications from CityU of Seattle and then go straight to a graduate degree once my enlistment is up in art/design management or ID. The masters would not be online I would move to where I want to go. Or go for a ID degree now that will have to be online and still shoot for a Master degree later. I am also worried about what type of jobs are available for someone with all these degrees but no real experience in the field. I don’t mind starting out as a jr designer if i’m on the fast tract to moving up once I get the experience under my belt. Hell I will be 27 when I get out so me ans my wife moving back in with the parents wont work lol.

Any info in welcome and hopefully some former military people will chime in. Thankyou