advice on portfolio...please help....:S

hey all.
i’ve just graduated and am buildling up a portfolio that i will be able to use to apply for my first job.
i’ve got excellent sketching and concept development skills. my modelmaking skills are pretty good as well. in terms of photoshop and illustrator proficiency…thats all good on my side.

HOWEVER, i feel that i am really lacking on the 3D modelling side.
my college programme wasn’t big on the whole computer thing. rather, they concentrated heaps on the traditional side of industrial design which encapsulated problem solving and research and on to concept devt …EVERYTHING except 3D software skills. believe it or not, we were using solidworks '99 in 2001!

how would you recommend i put together a folio that will show all my other skills? i know that these days, employers tend to look at 3D software skills don’t they?

what will happen in my case then?

any advice would be AWESOME!!!

thanks people.


I don’t know, I’m looking for work too, but I think that software is easier to learn than the skills you list. A great sketch with a viable solution is more efficient (less $$$ to produce) than a cool rendering.

If you know photoshop, illustrator, solidworks 99, you shouldn’t have much trouble learning something like Rhino or cobalt. A lot of places use rhino because its cheaper than many other progs. Rhino is a free download for limited use, and you can learn a lot in the included tutorials. Might even get a decent render out of it. Also, try to do a render in photoshop.

Personally, I think employers will always look for good sketching skills. I used to teach 3D software and it is just a tool and should never make up a significant portion of your portfolio unless you are looking for a job where that is ALL you do. Show a range of work. If you know how to use a software package, great. If you dont know any, I would recommend learning 1 or two to make yourself more flexible. Rhino, Solidworks, Alias are all popular choices.

Do not fret, the skills that you were trained in, research, problem solving, and communicating the design intent through concept and presentation renderings, are the areas a design firm can bill the most for. With CAD jobs being shiped out to india where the going rate for CAID models is $10 per hour (from a large reputable comany not individual freelancer), and $25 an hour for engineering CAD.

The most important thing for you would be to focus on your strengths, being the initial upfron development. Focus on the consumer research, usability studies, form development, and presentation/communication skills. Through in some CAD shots when appropriate to illustrate that you have the copacity to use and learn the software a potential employer might have. From a hireing stand point thought process, problem solving, and communication skills are key, in my opinion any way.

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hey guys.

THANKS for the advice.
It really made me feel MUCH better about things…