Advice on designing a bed for a kid


A friend of mine asked me to help build a bed for her nephew (1 year old), and the structure looks simple enough.


I just wanted to know what things i should consider when working on a furniture for a kid. If any of you guys know any good read on the topic or have experience on this, please share!

Just from having kids. If you think they won’t do it…they will.
This structure is pretty straight forward. Most cribs have a minimum space in between slats to prevent heads or limbs getting stuck. They also have straight evenly spaced slats (no tapers or narrowing slots) in order to prevent limbs going in at the wide opening and then getting stuck on the narrow portion. Make sure paint or stain is safe for kids.
Good luck.

I built something very similar for my girl, but a little more simplistic. One thing I am happy about is that the cross beam that attaches the front back where the upright and truss meets, I used dual 5" lag bolts counter sunk into the outside. My kid swings on that no matter how many times I tell her not to. Also, do a good round over on that, because I smack my head on it all the time climbing out. Im also thankful about the hours I spent sanding/finishing, as she runs her hands down the grain all the time and have yet to get any slivers.

I added an Edison bulb hanging down inside that is on a dimmer located on the side of her bed so she can read or whatnot. If you do that, be sure to use an LED bulb with plastic housing because it will eventually get smacked.

Sounds like a true parent.
I was going to mention the cross beam used as a monkey bar. My kids have bunkbeds and they like to hang on to the bottom rails of the upper bunk as well as from the straps stapled to the support slats of the upper bed. I also smack my head or back when trying to get out after reading with him.
The light is a nice added feature.
Also, the bed being raised with legs (not flat on the ground) can provide some storage for toys, shoes, etc.

Have a surface finish that resists vomit.

Slippyfish, you just brought back memories. My daughter once vomited in the middle of the night on her top bunk bed. She managed to vomit right on the siderail so there was vomit on her bed, on the bottom bed, on the floor and of course on the crevices between the handrail and the bed.

Needless to say, drill in hand, I had to take apart the upper bunk bed siderail & slats in order to get into every crevice between the slats and the bed frame where vomit managed to get into.

Good times.

One of those wake-up lights would be a great addition too, it is as if the sun would come up through a window since they gradually light up + it’s an app-programmable alarm clock which gives you more control.

Oh man, good times indeed. I had a similar experience with my son, although the first batch was entirely on his blanket, and the second batch was over the edge, splashing on my outstretched arms. He loves that story.