Advice needed for recent graduate

I applied for a job at IDEO in palo alto and they said that my work lacks “thought, originality and talent, and that I should bring asprin to my next interview”.

How long should I wait before I re-apply?[/list]

…ideo, what’s up with them?..move on down the line, brian.

Hey you got an interview. More than most get.

How long to wait? How much do you want to work there?

If a lot, maybe a good tactic is to try to find out what they meant and maybe what they are looking for. However, you will have to work hard and be persistant to impress them.

If not, then blow it off and talk to others. Plenty of work to go around.

I think a good tactic is to try to apply to other companies along with the big guys (IDEO, Smart Design, Frog, etc… The big guys get 100s of resumes every month. Try corprate companies too.

I guess I’m just trying to say keep you options open. You don’t want to paint yourself into a corner.

Come on Brian:

Apparently it seems that you should choose a new career and quit wasting the time of us real designers.

There are gentler ways to let someone down. Why spit on anyone. If i were you I’d send the arrogant bastards a very creative response even if they’re IDEO. Until they save the planet from famine, war, pollution and the such they have no right talking to anyone like that. What cretins.

That’s so incredibly harsh that I think you may be making it up.

It’s great to send out your stuff to the “big guys” every once in a while. Gives us all a reality check.

Could we take a look at your portfolio? I am very interested in seeing what you have done. Anyone who can score and interview with IDEO must be pretty good, so I wouldn’t let it get you down. Whoever said that to you is a total dick, there’s absolutely no reason to say things like that to people. You never know who might be the next Raymond Loewey…

Send them a live skunk in a box. How’s that for creative thinking? : )

Did you get an interview or was it just a email/phone response? Either way, it’s that’s the exact quote, it’s not right. I just think it’s unlikely that a company like that will say that. The bigger/well known a company is, the more careful they have to be.