Advice Internships in Camping/Outdoor gear

I am seeking advice on this. I am interested heavily in outdoor sports/camping and gear. I have been looking around at internships at some of the larger companies like REI, Coleman, Northface etc, but also want to see about smaller firms. Does anyone know of any smaller outdoor gear companies in the South Eastern U,S?

Any advice?
I looked on IDSA and The main Core77 page and could not narrow any searches down to just outdoor gear?

Southeastern US… nope. If you were up here in the Northwest, there’d be tons of options. Start pounding the (virtual) pavement by going through the list of exhibitors at Outdoor Retailer ( and finding ones located in your area. Or you could just move to Seattle. If you want to live in a rad ski town in Oregon, I may be looking for a summer intern to measure a bunch of dogs.

Good luck!

This is for a senior designer position, but at least gives you a place to send a portfolio:

Smaller places often do not have internship “programs”, but if a hot student portfolio lands in the right hands and there is room in the budget, you can often wrangle one.

I know Dicks does/did internships with their design department (I think its pretty much just one guy). Its not the best but they do the Dicks exclusive Coleman stuff (you know the cheaper tents etc.) as well as a ton of other house brand stuff. Its really an incredible amount of work for one person so you are definately needed there. You have to start somewhere right.

Maybe check that out?

Make sure your portfolio is perfect, printed and ready to go.
Tailor it to the outdoor gear market.

Get in your car or hop on a plane, and travel to Damascus, VA to Appalachian Trail Days from May 15th-17th. Probably stick to a car, because the closest airport is at least a couple hours away, maybe even three? Thousands of hikers show up to this tiny tiny town. And most importantly, the whole outdoor industry is there.

Appalachian Trail Days is an annual festival held in the small town of Damascus, Virginia. The Appalachian Trail runs from Georgia, to Maine. Damascus, Virginia is roughly the halfway point, it is notable for that as well as the fact that Damascus is the only town that the Appalachian Trail actually passes through. The sidewalk on Main Street in Damascus is actually part of the Appalachian Trail. Trail Days is a celebration of the Appalachian Trail and it’s people. The few who have hiked the entire trail, the few who help maintain and preserve the trail, the many who have hiked part of the trail, and anyone who enjoys being outdoors. Trail Days a chance for them to celebrate.

I went here in 06… or 07?

ALL of the companies in the outdoor market go here. They are meeting the hikers, repairing gear for free, showing off their new products, even making free gear for them on the spot (rifle cases, mini guitar cases, flute cases, etc).

The year I went I personally met the owners of…
Granite Gear
Mountain Hardwear
Gregory Packs
and a few others I can’t remember at the moment

More than likely whoever is standing at the booth/table/tent, is the owner.

Don’t wear anything fancy. Be yourself. This is a different market, this isn’t an IDSA conference.
I was told by one of the companies- that if someone showed up to an interview with a suit, they would kindly ask them to leave. Sandals and tye dye is preferred. Though thats a bit extreme for me, you should be informed. It’s important to just dress to be yourself, comfortably.

This is a ‘festival’ where the focus is on hiking, the outdoors, outdoor gear, moonshine, camp fires, food, and friends. So don’t be pushy with intership talk, just let it evolve. Be friendly, talk a alot, and see what you can get into.

best of luck

This website didn’t seem ready but I did find this site.

wow thanks guys had almost given up on this thread. Ive been searching left and right at all the big outdoor gear companies checking their websites for internships. Found a company I would really enjoy working with but have not heard back if they are offering a design internship (nemo equipment).
When do internships usually go online.
Any other companies that you all know of that usually have internships?