Advice (IND)

Cheers all. My dilemma is as follows:

For just shy of a year, I’ve been working in a small consultancy. My employment started as an intern at 9/hr. After completing college, I was kept on full time; still as an intern. Fast forward three months to me being asked to continue on as a staff designer, only that the company cannot afford to increase my pay. Being a silly young lad in a deadbeat economy, I stay. Another few months roll by and I’m jocking 70 hour weeks with no overtime and zippo-benefits.

I’ll be requesting a substantial pay increase after our current project wraps. If the increase is denied and no happy medium can be found, is that when it’s time to abandon ship? Any advice would be well appreciated.

I would be careful with this. Working you 70 hrs a week as an hourly employee and not paying you overtime is illegal. The reason why I say be careful is if they get used to you doing this for this small amount of money they may start taking advantage if it. I would normally tell everyone on this board that if they have a job be happy and stay there, but for you I think you need to jump ship if they keep it up. This is if you can afford too. Given the fact that minimum wage is now $7.25 you should be able to get more than that from them and if you can’t you can certainly make that working somewhere else were they are not going to take advantage of your time.

I have a bit of experience with this kind of situation as I work as a freelancer for a start-up firm when I first graduated. Everything was going great for a while. The hours where good, the pay was decent (not the best, but I was getting a paycheck) and I was working long hours but getting paid for it. Then the owner started to not be able to pay his own bills and started taking money from the company to pay things like his mortgage. Because of this he stopped paying his employees. I would have to chase down my check, and sometimes would not get paid for a month, month and a half at a time. I eventually quit not having anything else but knew that I had to do something. I then found the job that I am at now 2 weeks later.