Advice?-Getting into an Associate Footwear Development role

Would anyone be willing to lend some advice on getting into an Associate Footwear Development role at Nike? I understand that an engineering/design degree would set me up but I’m coming from a different background. I’m currently doing a Masters in Business Management and very passionate about Footwear/Sneakers and the development processes of design.

The specific position I’ve mentioned seems to be more of a project management role (from the description here: ) which incorporates a lot of areas of the company which I find very cool.

Has anyone come across this role before or know someone in it at the moment? I’d really appreciate any advice on the unconventional route into a position like this.

Thanks guys!

  1. The post shows as closed when I see it on mobile. It is from more than 1 year ago.

  2. I’m not sure what level Associate level is, but looks like you need footwear experience. I don’t think Business Management would be appropriate. It is a development role, not product management. Product Management is typically under the marketing umbrella.