Advice for working in LONDON


I’m graduating in May from the University of Illinois and am looking for a product design job in London. My fiance lives there and I would really like to secure a decent job as soon as I graduate. Does anyone have any experience with ID in London or advice in general?


I think this topic has been coved before, have a search around.

adrem is a job agency which for creative fields…but has mixed feed back (take a look on ) There is also ‘Design week’ mag which has a few job in the back now and again…I think you can sign up for there online job viewer. Also ICON has jobs in the back occasionally.

In London there is the highest concentration of design consultancys and also has some studio for large corps…nokia, samsung, yamaha…etc

take a look on for a list of consultancys.

Maybe give them a call/e-mail and see what they are looking for…It might be tough to get on the ladder with no experience. I wouldn’t get to fussy at you first job as long as it pays…think of it being a first step on your career path. Maybe CAD work will be easyer to get your foot i nthe door if you know your way around there cad system.

Remember there will also be a few other 1000+ UK students graduating…what makes you different from the rest. Also the cost of living in London an’t cheap.

Good luck!!