Advice for portfolio for BSc Product Design, please!

I have recently left a crafts based degree course, basically because I came to the realisation that Industrial or Product Design was more suited to my talents, my interests and where I want to be in life. I had my first university interview yesterday for a BSc Product Design and it went pretty well (I got accepted :slight_smile: ) BUT this was a university with quite a low profile for design and I have some coming up at more high profile universities and was looking for some advice based on the feedback I got from my interview yesterday.

To be honest, I’ve come from a very ‘arts and crafts’ background… I excelled at Product Design throughout high school and ended up doing my AS Level in it at the age of 16, but I was so desperate to not stay at my school’s sixth form college I bolted to another college, which was excellent but definately more arts and crafts heavy, and I feel that there is nothing that really demonstrates my abilities or desire to study product design, and this came up during questioning… Thankfully I feel I answered the question ‘Ok… But why Product Design?’ very well, but I would like something new for my portfolio.

So, essentially I’m looking for an idea that I can work on with very very limited facilities at home… Probably just a low level design brief. I have a good knowledge or materials, processes and mechanics… What I really need is a ‘jumping off’ point to get me going, and I’m just looking for a bit of direction. Sooooo, any suggestions?

Any help would be massively appreciated, and thanks for taking the time to read such a long post!

what kind of product design do you want to do?
as I am sure you know, PD is a very broad field.

do you know any CAD programs? if not, maybe you could focus on sketches and sketch models. It sounds like you have basic knowledge in CS. use it.

what comes to mind is furniture. If you into that, you could easily make really nice scale models of your concepts (i.e. Vitra miniture collection).

try to think about concept. They want to see that you can think. The skill of model making and sketching, CAD and all that other stuff comes later. Thinking and creativity can’t be taught.

I would maybe pick something like the Muji award to get inspired and design something simple for them. If you can pull out a nice little working prototype of a clever tape dispenser or something at the interview, I am sure they would be impressed.