Advice for non-design student looking to transfer.

Recently I came to the realization that ID may be my natural calling. It combines all the things I am naturally good at into one field of study.

However currently I am a Chem. major at UCSB.
I am looking for advice on how to build a portfolio for when it comes time to transfer, when I have been out of the art game for so long and have very little design experience. I have no idea what I would even put in it.

I do not think it should be impossible for me transfer into a design program at this time (I’ve only completed one year of undergraduate study). But at the same time it might be, for I can’t really even start to prepare for an ID degree at my current school, I can change to an art major and take some classes but Im not sure I have enough time.

Im looking for advice.

Hey I’m actually in the same situation. I’m a mechanical engineering student who always felt it was the wrong major and think that ID has been what I was looking. I’m actually just considering taking the semester off to apply to different ID programs (my current school unfortunately doesn’t have anything like it) and catch up on my art skills with some drawling classes at a local college. I don’t want to go back to school if the classes I take wont transfer (although I actually love my current school ah why don’t more schools have ID! X D )

The situation isn’t fun is it? Anyway, im applying to different id schools this year just to see what happens. Its just terrifying because there isn’t much stuff i can but into a portfolio for an application. I know i have the potential but getting in I think might be a challenge. I think just like you I am going to take some art classes at school and what not.
Trust me I dont wanna leave either. Santa Barbara is amazing.