advice for arch student

I will enter an architecture program as a freshman soon and was wondering if anyone- architecture or other design majors- if you had any advice- most imp thing you learned, you wish you had done…etc. thanks

Research your instructors before you sign up for their class. If there is more than one section you may have your choice of instructor. Find the one with the best reputation or one that teaches in a style that bests suits you.

Take the instructors that work you hard and assign tons of work. You will learn more that way.


Smoke tons of weed before you design your projects.

what school are you going to?

My advise is to make sure you want architecture…

undergrad degree doesn’t provide much, cool student projects but professional projects really suck (unless your part of the few who get to study under Ando, Gehry, Asymtope (sp?), etc.)…poor pay out’ve school and you won’t be designing anything. Mostly surveying sites and drafting building elements.

Plan on Graduate school, and a few years experience before you can take your licensing exam.

Once you’ve crammed in studying to pass your exam to become a licensed arch. be prepared to only get a 15-20% raise if you stay in a consulting firm. (you’ll only make about 60K a year, sounds like a lot for a student but it really isn’t).

I was accepted in both the architecture and ID program at my university. In hind-sight I am sooooo thankful that I picked industrial design.

this is so true. i’m a senior in architecture, and i’ve learned the most and produced the best work under the most demanding teachers. it’s so worth it.

and be sure to study abroad if possible and affordable

and take professors classes in various kinds of skills: hand drawing, computer 3d modeling, sketching, color rendering, model building, etc.

cover all your bases. you’ll be glad you did when it comes to portfolios. if you dont cover them in undergrad (where it’s cheaper) you have to make it up in graduate school.

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