Advice about laptops, supplies, etc.

Would you recommend a freshman in industrial design to buy a laptop? If so, when and how powerful should it be? Any other supplies I should bring along?

Wait till Junior or even better Senior Year for the big outlays. Don’t forget to use student discounts if you can, especially for software. It will make your life easier to have a fancy new laptop that can render the entire electrical grid of NY in half a second, but it won’t make you a better designer. My advice, spend your money on nice pencils and vellum. I bought a used laptop for GIMP in a pinch and do most of my work on my schools machines. In short, you don’t need it, but I know you want it. If your parents can afford it, go ahead. If your like me its not worth the extra 60 days of ramen for dinner.

Thank you. Am I right to be guessing that my freshman and sophomore year will mostly be composed of basic art foundation instead of learning advanced graphics software?