Advanced aprenticeship or A-levels

hi im an A-level student who just got his first year of results back and they were terrible. im currently studying product design with two other subjects and im currently thinking about an advanced apprenticeship in design engineering. is it worth going for the apprenticeship, and dropping my current A-levels at this stage and will it actually help start my career in the design industry?

please respond soon as i dont have long until they stop taking submissions for the apprenticeship.
thank you.

I take it you are in the UK talking of A levels and I will give you some advice, please, please trust me on this - the education standards are dropping as prices rise in this country and it is not worth getting into £45,000+ of debt to get a degree at this time in our country. Go and do the apprenticeship and in your spare time teach yourself SolidWorks and the Adobe suite. This way at least if you want to go and do a degree at a later date and you are competent and design work and CAD packages then you could convince them to let you in at possibly even 2nd year level if you play your cards right.

yes i am in the UK but currently both the A-level courses and advanced apprenticeships are free so im not going to be running into debt yet its simply a case of whether or not the apprenticeship is worth dropping my current A-levels.

thank you for the response it is greatly appreciated.

The point I am making is that the only purpose of A levels is to get into uni anyway. You’re not going to get a career as a Product Designer with an A level.

oh ok thank you i appreciate the advice thank you MK19