Adult toy manufactures in Cali

hello all,

where can i find adult toy manufacturer and design companies in southern california?

all info wld be great.

thanks in adv.

fuseproject, based in San Fran, did some design work with JimmyJane. You can see their contributions on their website:

When you say “Adult”, is that as in Kid Robot toys or some thing more “Adult”?

i was actually referring to more “ADULT” as in s3x toys …

Why not peruse your local “gift” shop and check the packaging on some of the products. Surely there are a few, but I’m sure like anything it’s all made in China anyway…

There are a lot of factories producing “adult” toy in China.

i am positive the manufacturing part is done in China, but the design has to be done her in the states.


design has to be done here in the states? huh? Some of the best toys are from Lelo, a swedish company, I’d imagine their design is done in Sweden

I’m sure there are many more around the world. Hasn’t this topic been addressed already in another thread?

thank you for the comment. but since i am located in the states, i am interested in companies that are here in the states.

yes this topic has been discussed but it didnt answer my question “name me some companies that design these kind of products.”

thanks again.

SNIPER, you have PM

I supply silicone to those companies. There are several in Southern California. You can email me direct and let me know more information; I’ll hook you up.

steve, wait for an e-mail


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A lot of those toys are produced locally, still,- as those silicone
products are low cost tooling, which equals low volume runs.

But you might want to make sure to use high grade materials
and top notch hygiene standards when making them. It is still
done over here in Germany at competitive rates, so why should
one outsource from San Fernando to China?

You might already have found some leads. Otherwise look at
adult webmaster forums like GFY.