Adobe Illustrator's power

Hi guys,

This is one of my work done under Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator helps me realize many effects which I would like to present in the product design such as:
1.setting up accurate product dimension
2.easily stretch to any size needed with high quality
3.vector features: a lot of vector edit functions which make the design process to be very convenient

Thanks for your comments! :slight_smile:

That is pretty impressive! One things that jumps out at me however is the raised area with the power button. For such a high-gloss finish everywhere else, the edges of that raised area seem a bit fuzzy.

Overall though, excellent job using vector art to create a fairly realistic representation.

Hi skyarrow,

thanks for your comments. I am impressive about your sharp eyesight, keke, yes, the glossy button actualy was made by PS then transport into illustrator, you know the reason why I guss:p. But whatever, illustrator till a powerful design software for product design, except for accurate dimension setting, it still make the beatiful graphic or pattern for product in the same time.

Thanks your comments again.

Nice, but… prepare to blow your mind.

This guy is the OG black belt master of Illustrator.

Keke…I have a cool head for your comments.
It’s really a awesome work.
For this topic, I just want to show a similar effect as PS by illustrator, and to present that the software can do more than what we thought.
Anyway, thanks for your comments again and your brilliant link.

Furthermore, I mean use illustrator to “design” something is a good way, not only copy a photograph.

Your work is good though. I like the pattern on the scoop feature, below the screen.

wow both are amazing! I use illustrator for most of my work, it’s a powerful tool. My coworker does everything in photoshop, while i do everything in illustrator. We are doing similar work but each of us are more efficient in the other.

I was blown away by your illustrator render, renris! Good job!

That guy in the link is a master though…looks like photos or 3D renders!

How about a quick tutorial? :smiley:

how much was this design done in photoshop and how much of it in Ai?