Adobe Illustrator Tutorial for ID?

So I have mainly used PS for my 2D design work in the past but I have always wanted to learn how to use AI in tandem with PS. I know there are thousands of tutorials out there but I wanted to see if anyone here had seen any good tutorials that are more specific towards ID.

What sort of work are you thinking of doing in Illustrator? The two main things I use it for are creating Artwork/silkscreen files (which I can then add to renders or send off to our manufacturers), and conceptual layouts for iterating on. There are a couple really neat things in the later versions of Adobe Creative that improve workflow (like placing linked files!).

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing mini-vids for ID workflow (From AI to PS, from AI to 3D sketch model, from Solidworks to Bunkspeed, from Bunkspeed to PS, etc…). I did some internally for our company and they worked out pretty well.

I was mainly just thinking 2D renders like this 2D design rendering-Adobe Illustrator by Wilfredo Mendoza at but really I’d be interested in any tutorial that would help expand my design skills.

Right on!

Illustrator is a pretty good choice for basic layout and blocking, though I usually use a blended approach where I take things between PS and AI.

I’ll keep an eye on this thread to see if anyone can suggest any good videos as places to start, but I’ll also start work on my own. It should take a couple weeks… thanks for getting me motivated to start this! :slight_smile:

Hi akrober,

So I made a video. And I watched it, though I hope it’s not too slow or dull. And I learned a lot about recording, YouTube, and audio levels that will hopefully show up in the next one. But Pt 1 is up!

Would love to know what you or anyone else who comes across this link thinks… I’m starting off with the assumption that you’re semi-familiar with working in layers, and doing basic things like using the eye dropper or adding a gradient. But I could do a fundamentals vid too if you’d like.