adobe illustrator problem

my AI stopped being able to scale objects. the little white boxes do not appear on the blue outlines when i select objects. i restarted, rebooted, etc.

anyone have/had this problem?

Is it a locked object? Sometimes objects get locked (by hitting keys by accident.) Or is it a constant issue with all objects and text?

Try reinstalling maybe?

nothing is locked. i click on objects, text blocks, they get selected (blue box) but no scaling white boxes that you can drag show up.

it was working all morning, just suddenly stopped.

i guess i can reinstall, just a pain in the ass… thought maybe someone has had the same problem.

Do you have “Show Bounding Box” in the View pull down menu selected?

If not it will read “Hide Bounding Box” its two levels below the “hide/show rulers”

Command+Shift+B is the hot key for it.

it worked.

i must have clicked it by accident while trying to click on rulers.

i like core77 now.
thanks dude!

same thing happened to me a year or so ago,…I was freaking out.

an intern came over and looked and with one click, humiliated me…

damn those invisible bounding boxes :smiling_imp:

Also, don’t forget the command-h. It hides the visibility of what’s selected so you don’t have the blue line (does the same thing in photoshop, you won’t see the marching ants). Sometimes you hit it by accident when grouping command-g. It can be very useful in some situations though.