Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop for logo design.

Hello guys,
I want to know which one is perfect to design a logo? Currently, I’m using photoshop. Is Illustrator best or Photoshop?
If Illustrator is good then I need some tutorials about Adobe Illustrator. I know there so many tutorials out there but an expert suggestion is much helpful for me.

There are zero logical reasons to use Photoshop over Illustrator for logo design.

Exporting a Photoshop PDF can preserve your vector work, but there are hardly any vector tools apart from the Pen, so it is little less than obvious to step to Illustrator if you take logo design seriously.

A few rookie tips to get you going:

  • Use as little anchor point as you can to keep your vectors smooth
  • Look into plugin scripts such as ‘Round any Corner’
  • Use the Pathfinder tool
  • Always use Pantone color swatches from the built-in swatch book