Adobe Illustrator Advice...people...anyone?

Hey everyone!!

I’ve been playing around with Illustrator and am having a problem creating texture swatches. i.e. doesn’t seem to be an option for them.

I have a speaker illustration at my page (link below) and I want to create a carbon cone look but need a swatch, i think?

Any advice on how to create these would be appreciated. Or any other methods too.



Create a unit of your pattern/texture. Select the whole unit. Drag it to the swatches menu. Voila.


Cheers cookies, gonna go play!


If you make a little 1"x1" sample of what you want (do it by hand), then you can save it as a swatch along with your other color swatches etc, and it’ll work. you’ll have to play with it a little to make sure the seams are invisible. I know there’s info somewhere on how to do that exactly so the seams line up and you don’t end up with gaps, don’t remember where I saw it though. Or you can go to “filter / pen+ink / hatch effects”. There’s tons of options there, to make the pattern uniform, make sure you turn the random sliders off, etc. You can do a lot with that, meshes, dots, grain, etc, play with it.

great stuff guys! Thankyou! :slight_smile:

Will let you know how it turns out.

After grouping a selection together and attempting to create the swatch, i have resorted to another method.

For some reason im able to drag and get the addition symbol when the cursor is in the swatch box but no swatch appears. I think im missing something. :confused: :open_mouth:

Anyway, played with the hatching options, but cant find rotation/ revolve options in hatching, so I resorted to Distort & Transform - Transform tool and made rotated copies. Seems to have worked.

Anyway, its done. Any comments, criticism on the quality of the illustration welcome. Is it up to scratch?



weird, you don’t even need to group. just select and drag, the swatches menu box should highlight…I’m not sure about the addition symbol, got none of that.

what illustrator do you have?
I got 10th…the rotation for the hatch stuff is right there, tough to miss. really tough.

Well, im using Illu 10!!

Yup i have rotation options but that doesnt give me a 360 revolved hatch. Difficult to explain what i was after really.

But the swatch thing is baffling me. Cant work it out. Tried it with a simple texture in a seperate file, still nadda! Hmmm…

Im using an upgrade from 7-10 mind. Dont know if this has caused serious hebee gebees in the program or what!!

Its eithar that or my name is spaz!!

Ta for the assistance cookie!!! P.S. what is the state of the NY ID market like at the mo?

Bizzare randomness, I know, but hey, im a designer. :wink:

I am a spaz. I cant spell neither. aaarrrrggggghhhhhhh! :smiley:

Here’s what you do to create your own pattern:
Make a small circle or whatever object or group of objects you want the base of your pattern to be.
-Select it, then go to “edit / define pattern”. That’s what it is in 9, not sure about 10.
-A window will come and you can name it or whatever, when you click ok, it’ll be a new swatch that you can select just like any color swatch to use as a fill.

I don’t know, could it be mac/pc thing? I got a mac…select/drag thing works like a charm…

I am not a good person to ask about the id situation in NY state, I know that 2 main Rochester companies that employ designers, Xerox and Kodak have been having tough times in the past 5 years…the other big company I know about, which is nearby is Fisher-Price, they ‘re doing really well there in East Aurora…the rest of the places that I’m aware of are consultancies and model making places, small firms doing mostly product stuff, from flashlights to kidney dialysis machines. I might be wrong about the whole situation, as I mostly follow what’s going on in Europe, and have no clue what’s happening in the state I live in. Kinda sad…Anyways, overall, I think it’s fine, dry and useful stuff gets designed here, in upstate NY.

Thanks there Skinny. Right, i will go and give that a try. :smiley:

Melovescookies, thanks for the insight. Appreciate the response.

Right, off to learn something new. :open_mouth: