Adobe for 90% off regular price

What’s the deal on


Is this legit or a loop hole scam?

I dunno, those sites seem waaaaaaaaaaay too good to be true. Has anyone ever bought from one of these guys?

This topic doesn’t belong here. Next time post under software! Dumb ass!

topic has been discussed before. read the ToS and you’ll see this:

7a: You are not permitted to duplicate or illegally distribute any product purchased from Buysusa. You agree to abide by the End User License Agreement contained within those products. You assume full responsibility for complying with all copyright laws. All products offered by Buysusa are fully compliant with sec. 117 of the US copyright laws. Buysusa reserves the right to refuse any customer for any reason. You understand that in order for Buysusa to make you a copy (OEM) of any software, > you acknowledge that you are the legal owner of this same software, and are looking to just make a new copy (OEM) for archival (backup) purposes only. > You also agree to destroy all copies of the software in the event it is ever no longer voluntarily in your possession. You understand that only the licensed owner (with a valid serial number, where applicable) of the various software found on Buysusa may use the services located here. You also acknowledge that the software you have was obtained legally and that you have the legal right to request this backup (oem) copy to be made.

if you need someone to make a back up of what you already own then this is for you. if you cant make a cd back up then pay them to do it for you.

they come fully packaged un-openned but dont have a manual, have serial # and everything. not that i have ever purchased them or anything.

The problem with those type of ads is a scam. They make you think that you’re paying legitimate copies of softwares which you won’t even recieve. Neither of the links to those sites have seal of approval or business info. I did a reverse phone search on the phone number given on the first web site, and it turned up not listed.

My advice, do some research on the company before making some deadbeats rich.

I’ve downloaded versions of Adobe CS programs such as Illustrator & Photoshop. They both work fine, so far! I wouldn’t see Adobe suing for downloading pirated versions of their old software “CS” for personal use (teaching yourself, beefing up a resume, building a portfolio, etc…) now that “CS2” is on the market. Who knows what could happen?


I agree with you about keeping the ball rolling. I think these newer versions add features for the Graphic Designers. 6.0 is satisfactory for me too, but I have CS so I am not going to complain. I see no point in purchasing CS2. If someone wants the live trace, fill options, + all that other crap then spend your hard earned money. I think I’ll hold onto mine and spend it on something more important, thanks!

web pirate,

I would not go and do something stupid like registering that software!