adobe CS

Thinking about upgrading Photoshop and Illustrator to CS.

Is it worth getting CS2? I can get CS for significantly cheaper.

if its much cheaper get CS. I havent heard much of a difference between the two[/i]

There are a lot of good features in CS 2 as supposed to CS. One is Smart objects.

I recently took a CS2 class. The instructor stated that there isn’t much differece between CS and CS2. It the price is too steep I’d get CS. Actually the instructor stated that Photoshop 7 is more than good enough. There have only been a few enhancements, and you can work around them. A good example is the redeye feature. With CS2 with two clicks of the mouse you can choose red-eye, click on the red eye of a photo, and like magic the red eye disappears. In ver. 7 you have to use the sponge feature. It takes about 1 minute more. Go figure. However, if you’re like me, you’ll end up getting the latest and greatest - CS2.

I just upgraded to CS2. There are some great features in Illustrator (auto trace is awesome) and photoshop (smart objects, patch tool) I haven’t found any huge jumps with InDesign.

I don’t regret the upgrade. I needed to get acrobat professional. Eventually you will have to upgrade anyway so why not get CS2 now? You won’t have to upgrade as soon.

There are a lot of great new features in CS and CS2… do I use all these features a lot? not for ID related stuff. If you can afford it, I say go for it. If not, no worries – version 7 and CS1 are awesome!

“smart object” feature has been in Corel Photopaint ever since I got to use it, version 7 maybe, so I don’t know what took Adobe so freaking long! I am talking about 8 years ago.

CS has this feature that I cannot live without, which is the one where you can grab the canvas and move around. It allows you to zoom into the corners of the canvas while keeping it around the center of the screen. Version 7 didn’t have that.